A brief history of the symposium series


Originally established as the International Symposium on High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis (HPCE), the first event was held April 10 – 12, 1989 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, MA. The meeting was founded by Professor Barry Karger from Northeastern University, and sponsored by the Barnett Institute of Northeastern University, the Bay Area Chromatography Committee (BACC, predecessor of California Separation Science Society or CASSS), and chromatography instrument manufacturers. This first meeting featured oral and poster presentations that discussed the principles of separation in capillaries under high electrical fields; instrumentation development; and applications of HPCE, particularly in biotechnology. A summary of this meeting was published in Analytical Chemistry (Anal. Chem., 1989, 61, 413A–415A).

Intend and Mission of the Series

The MSB series of symposia intends to be the ....

....leading venue for advances in fundamentals and application of microscale separations in bioanalysis ....

Our Mission is to …..

…. have MSB provide a forum for the discussion of fundamental and application-driven aspects of microscale separations and its application in bio-analysis at an international venue that assembles the thought-leaders from both the academic and industrial communities.

Essentials of the MSB Symposium Series 

The strategic planning committee of the MicroScale Separations and Bio-analysis symposium series has developed a seven-­point plan to integrate the essential attributes of electrical and pressure driven separations with the practice of coupling them with sample preparation and detection (mass spectrometry!) for practical application in bio-analysis:

Strategic Program Committee

Towards this intend and fullfillment of the mission a group of internationally renowned scientists in microscale separations and bioanalysis have gathered and formed the MSB Strategic Program Committee. It is their task to:

  • Lead actual and future chairmen of a symposium issue to meet overall goals and intentions of the series
  • Solicit for and engage future chairmen

Past Venues and Symposium Chairs

The Symposium has been already held in >30 meetings in locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Conference Dates and Locations with the corresponding Chairpersons are listed in the table below: