Strategic Program Committee

Towards this intend and fullfillment of the mission a group of internationally renowned scientists in microscale separations and bioanalysis have gathered and formed the MSB Strategic Program Committee. It is their task to:

Below are the members of the Strategic Program Committee (SPC)

Michael Breadmore (Australia)
Jeff Chapman (United States)
Michael Lämmerhofer (Germany), Committee Secretary
James Landers (United States) 
Herbert Lindner (Austria)
Sergey Krylov (Canada)
Jorg Peter Kutter (Denmark), Committee Chairman
Julie Schappler (Switzerland)
Govert Somsen (Amsterdam)
Marina Tavares (Brazil)
Karen Waldronn (Canada)
Stephen Weber (United States)












The members of the program committee can be contacted through their business e-mail-addresses at their affiliation or via the MSB Symposium webmaster.