Past Venues and Symposium Chairs

The Symposium has been already held in >30 meetings in locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Conference Dates and Locations with the corresponding Chairpersons are listed in the table below:

Year Location Chairperson(s)
2019 Portland, USA Vince Remchow
2018 Rio de Janeiro, BR Marina Tavares, Emmanuel Carillho
2017 Noordwijkerhout, NL Govert Somsen, Rawi Ramautar
2016 Niagara-at-the-Lake, CAN Philip Britz-McKibbin, Karen Waldron, Sergey Krylov
2015 Shanghai, PRC Amy Guo
2014 Pécs, HUN Ferenc Kilár, Attila Felinger, András Guttman
2013 Charlottesville, USA Jeff D Chapman, James P Landers
2012 Geneva, CH Franka Kalman, Gerard Rozing, Jean-Luc Veuthey
2012 Shanghai, PRC Rong Zeng
2011 San Diego, USA Annelise E. Barron
2010 Prague, CZ Frantisek Foret
2009 Boston, USA Jonathan V. Sweedler
2009 Dalian, PRC Hanfa Zou
2008 Berlin, DE Andreas Manz
2007 Vancouver, CA Robert Kennedy
2006 Amsterdam, NL Gerard Rozing
2005 New Orleans, USA Michael Ramsey
2005 Kobe, JAP Y. Baba, K. Otsuka
2004 Salzburg, AT Wolfgang Lindner
2003 San Diego, USA Aran Paulus, Andras Guttman
2002 Stockholm, SWE Douglas Westerlund
2001 Boston, USA Barry L. Karger, William S. Hancock
2000 Saarbrücken, DE Heinz Engelhardt
1999 Palm Springs, USA Edward S. Yeung
1998 Orlando, USA Barry L. Karger, S. Fanali
1997 Anaheim, USA William S. Hancock
1997 Kyoto, JAP Shigeru Terabe
1996 Orlando, USA Barry L.Karger
1995 Würzburg, DE Hans Engelhardt
1994 San Diego, USA Shigeru Terabe
1993 Orlando, USA Barry L. Karger
1992 Amsterdam, NL Frans Everaerts
1991 San Diego, USA James W. Jorgenson
1990 San Francisco, USA Barry L. Karger
1989 Boston, USA Barry L. Karger