As our sessions are getting defined, the chairs named and the keynote lecturers invited, one gradually starts to sense the excitement about the oral program format that the MSB symposium series characterizes. A challenging theme in the field of the session topic has been defined by the session chairs, superb keynote speakers that lead of the session invited, leaving space for 4-5 contributed oral presentation in the session. A double-blind peer review process ensures top science contributions regardless reputation and seniority.

Below are the sessions, names of the session chairs and the corresponding keynote lecturers. The "More Info" buttons give you a teaser with detail about each session topic and mentions some of the controversy behind it. One should feel compelled to be part of the program as a contributor or in the discussions for which 1/3 of the slot time/contribution will be allocated.


Session Session Chair Keynote Lecturer Title
FUNDAMENTALS, SIMULATIONS & METHOD DEVELOPMENT Sergey Krylov Moran Bercovici Enhanced biomolecular analysis with on-chip isotachophoresis
SAMPLE PREPARATION TECHNIQUES Julie Schappler Pavel Kuban New trends in liquid phase micro-extractions of biological samples
MULTIDIMENSIONAL SEPARATIONS Quezia Cass Dwight Stoll Improving separation compatibility and performance in two-dimensional liquid chromatography using Active Solvent Modulation (ASM)
ADVANCED MICROCOLUMN TECHNOLOGIES Gerard Rozing Vincent Remcho Microfluidic Devices for Clinical Analysis: Novel Surface Chemistries for Sampling and Analysis
ADVANCED DETECTION TECHNIQUES  J.A. Fracassi da Silva Susan Lunte New detection methods for microchip electrophoresis-based analysis of biomarkers of oxidative stress and brain injury
HYPHENATED TECHNIQUES & INTERFACE DESIGNS Rawi Ramautar Oleg A. Mayboroda CE-MS: searching for a “killer application"
MICROFLUIDICS, POC DEVICES & LAB-ON-A-CHIP Thiago Paixão Charles Henry Paper Meets Plastic: combining paper-analytic devices with 3D printing for disease detection
  Wendell Coltro Claudio L.A. Berli Transverse Dispersion in Paper-Based Devices: From Fundamentals to Analytical Operations
BIOLOGICS & BIOPHARMA  Regina Olveira Rainer Bischoff LC-MS/MS for the bioanalysis of therapeutic proteins
BIOINTERACTIONS & AFFINITY SEPARATIONS  Norberto Guzman  Kiyohito Shimura Two micro platforms for analysis of charge-variants produced by post-translational modifications
FORENSICS, DOPING & TOXICOLOGICAL ANALYSIS José Luiz da Costa Francisco Radler de Aquino Neto  Synergy between Omics approaches in toxicology, doping control and forensic science
PHARMACEUTICALS & CHIRAL ANALYSIS Michael Lämmerhofer  Bezhan Chankvetadze Recent development in separation of enantiomers by using capillary electromigration techniques
FOOD ANALYSIS Daniel Cardoso Luigi Mondello Comprehensive 2D Chromatography Coupled to QqQ-MS for the Analysis of Food
GLYCOMICS & GLYCAN ANALYSIS Andras Guttman  Gordan Lauc High-throughput glycomics - what did we learn from first 50,000 analyses
METABOLOMICS & BIOMARKER DISCOVERY Philip Britz-McKibbin  Jia Li Strategies for Personalized Medicine and Population Screening.
PROTEOMICS & INTACT PROTEIN ANALYSIS Govert Somsen Alexander Ivanov Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Coupled to Mass Spectrometry in Deep Characterization of Proteins, Protein Complexes and Proteomes
LIPIDOMICS Alessandra Sussulini  Matej Oresic Lipidomics in clinical research: methods and applications