Session Chair: Michael Lämmerhofer

Keynote Speaker: Bezhan Chankvetadze, Tibilisi State University, Tibilisi, Georgia

Traditional and emerging challenges in pharmaceuticals analysis
With the development of new therapeutic concepts such as gene therapy, oligonucleotide and peptide drugs, and protein and antibody therapeutics analytical chemists face new challenges in the characterization of such therapeutics and detection of impurities. However, the majority of pharmaceuticals are still small molecule drugs and new requests from regulatory authorities may pose new challenges. Besides comprehensive impurity profiling of complex drugs, the analysis of stereoisomeric drugs is still a topic beyond routine in pharmaceutical analysis, as the many scientific publications on this topic demonstrate. From academic point of view we have not only to deal with solving such separation problems but we would like to understand molecular mechanisms of our separation systems in order to advance the methodologies. The basic challenge is to mature our understanding of how (the often minute) selective molecular recognition can be transformed efficiently into effective separations. Miniaturized separation systems such as capillary based electromigration methods may play a significant role in the concert of methodologies applied in the field. In this session, latest advancements will be discussed and an outlook on the potential of these technologies for future applications will be given.