Session Chair: Philip Britz-Mckibbin

Keynote Speaker: Elaine Holmes, Imperial College, London, UK

The long journey from discovery to clinical validation of biomarkers in metabolomics.
Metabolomics offers a promising functional genomics tool for deriving deeper insights into disease pathophysiology or drug/dietary responsiveness, as well the discovery of clinically relevant biomarkers for risk assessment, and disease diagnosis or prognosis. However, metabolomics is faced with major technical obstacles that contribute to false discoveries when using microscaled separations (LC, GC, CE) coupled to high resolution mass spectrometry as related to poor experimental design, inadequate method validation or study power, as well as structural elucidation of unknown metabolites of clinical significance. Additionally, large-scale clinical studies require orthogonal yet high speed separation methods for resolution of diverse classes of metabolites and the isomers, as well as implementation of quality control/quality assurance protocols to avoid bias. This session will focus on recent advances in biomarker discovery for metabolomics when relying on high efficiency microscaled separation methods coupled to mass spectrometry with emphasis on clinical applications to human health, including personalized medicine