Session chair: Govert Somsen

Keynote Speaker: Alexander Ivanov, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA

Facing the separation challenge.
Assessment of whole proteomes and structural characterization of individual proteins are essential tasks in modern biomedical and biopharmaceutical analysis. Bottom-up approaches relying on proteolytic processing of proteins prior to analysis, are rather well-established. Top-down strategies in which intact proteins are analysed, have seen significant progress over the last years.

Nevertheless, both approaches still face huge challenges related to sample complexity. Digestion of proteomes results in extremely complex peptide mixtures which are very hard to cover completely. Efficient separation of intact proteins can be quite demanding and, moreover, many proteins come with a multitude of post-translational modifications (proteoforms) which preferably should be distinguished. Microscale separation methods hold good promise for addressing these challenges in protein analysis. How developments in the microseparation field provide progress and whether they give better insights into proteomes and proteoforms, is the common theme of this session